#StopWasteNotFashion Community (English speaking group)

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(5 CHF / month ~ a cup of coffee)

When you join the #StopWasteNotFashion Community, you will join a special group of visionary people reaching out each month to push greentech from science to fashion. Together, we eradicate fashion waste.

With our community we will share monthly insights about the Yarn-to-Yarn initiative, about our green technology and the progress we are making. Straight to your inbox, in English and German.

👏 At the price of a monthly cup of coffee you boost the research and development of Yarn-to-Yarn molecular textile bio-cycling. And yes, our scientists need a lot of coffee ;)

🖤 Thank you for joining the #StopWasteNotFashion Community!

P.S. Little drops make a big ocean.