• YARN-TO-YARN® by Rheiazymes: Enzymes for a future without Fashion Waste

Recycling is dead. Long live recycling!

Fashion consumes 100 million tons of non-renewable resources per year.

Fast Fashion blasts 1.2 billion tons of CO² into the environment per year. 

And only 1% of clothes ever become new clothes again. 

Why all this waste? Why aren’t we recycling? 

Because we couldn't. Not the mixed synthetic fibers. Until now...

Rethinking fashion. With circular fabrics.

Circularity without dertour


Biological Molecular Textile Recycling

We use enzymes to convert used clothes into valuable raw materials for new yarn. An infinite yarn. In an endless cycle. It means that there is no waste and everything is reused.

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Center of Studies and Research in Biotechnology of the UPB University Medellin, Colombia